Help needed or suggestions

I soldered battery to pdb and it has the positive of one esc next to the battery positive and a negitive to another esc to the negitive side of battery does it matter if these connection touch it the product of a shakey hand but image inbound

thanks appreciate prompt responses would love to fly by tomorrow but gonna wait till i get an answer the drone is mt 2204 2300kv 12a emax bl heli esc fpv ,battery is 3s 1550mah 11.1v

No, does not really matter,
All ESC positive pads are connected to Battery positive and likewise for the negatives
It’s the regulated 12v and 5v supplies you need to be careful with.
Whilst I say it does not matter it is always better for future fault-finding to have individual, neat solder joints so as your soldering skills improve you’ll wonder why you asked this question in a few weeks times :wink:

Steve :slight_smile:

Thanks i appreciate it i went head and got a better solder station with heat controls etc to help but its running now thanks