POWER ISSUE Connect Gimbal Control Board (Basecam Clone) to PDB?

Hi guys! I purchased a gimbal control board and am trying to set it up with my SPF3 EVO and a power distribution board. I want to use the servo tilt features and forward that to the gimbal control board. I tried soldering the gimbal control board to the 12v and gnd but when i connect a battery, it somehow fries the flight controller? Any ideas?! Thanks!!

PDB: Amazon.com
Gimbal Control board: Amazon.com

Can you send some sketches or photos of your wiring?
Need a bit more to go on :thinking::thinking:
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is a diagram. I will send a real picture tomorrow.
Hope this helps!


Hi John @John_Ninja

Thanks for the diagram
Are you using a 3S or 4S battery? if 3S (11.1v nominal) then do not use the 12v BEC output, it will only give you about 10v and the linear regulator on the PDB will not provide any supply suppression.

extract from MATEK site >>>

Most importantly, Use a digital voltmeter to check voltage on the 5v pad and GND. I’m suspecting you have a faulty board and it’s been putting full battery voltage to the FC ESC 5v line :sob:

BUT I’m going to question why you are powering the FC from 5v on the ESC connections ? you ought to be connecting FC to the Vbatt connections from the PDB (VCC & GND)

This will power the FC correctly and you will also have the LiPo battery voltage reported for telemetry / OSD if/when you need that very useful feature.

Let us know how you get on
Steve :slight_smile:

Thank you Steve!!!

The truth is I am new to quad development.

I have been using a 4S. I will try this configuration and get back to you with the results!