PDB/ESC Crackling


Basically Ive recently bought a new ESC, soldered the bullet connectors and soldered it to the PDB. Now when I connect the battery I get a bit of a crackling noise and obviously it doesn’t work when I connect it to the motor.

Obviously I’d assume some of my soldering isn’t good but would the crackling mean the ESC is now broken or could it still work if I sort out the soldering? To the best of my knowledge the soldering looks fine (although not the neatest)

By the sounds of it the ESC is damaged as it’s probably the components that you heard burning? Do you smell any burnt smell on your esc?

If you can smattach a few photos we can see if anything was soldered incorrectly, or maybe your battery voltage was too high?


Thanks for your quick reply.


I’ve posted a couple of pictures of my soldering (please excuss the sun, I use it
solder on and nothing more​:joy::joy:)

I’m starting to wonder whether it’s the connection from the battery to the PDB that’s crackling as the connection isn’t amazing. This is the second ESC I’ve tried where I’ve had to solder on the bullet connectors and neither have worked so wondering if that’s possibly the issue but I doubt it.

I’m using the Matek PDB Xt60 in case that that wasn’t clear from the pictures. I also have 3 other identical ESC’s (these 3 were bought from UT so had the bullet connectors attached)