Soldering on Bullet Connector - Motor doesnt work?


Please note I know im using quite old kit a lot of this is purely for testing.

Basically, I’m using the Emax BLHeli 20A ESC with Brushless Motor Emax MT2213. A replacement ESC I’ve bought doesnt have presolded bullet connectors (I assume it is a 3.5mm female bullet connector on the ESC?). When I solder up the bullet connector from a different ESC with wiring, it doesnt work at all.

Now its a pretty simple soldering job (almost impossible to get wrong) but doesnt work.

What are my alternatives? (Im sure the ESC works been tested elsewhere)

First thing is to check with a multimeter that you have same resistance between pIrs of the three bullet terminals you have soldered on.
If not you have really bad soldering, unlikely, or a duff motor, more likely
Let us know how you get on
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Oooops just noticed you soldered ESC side not motors
IGNORE ME :weary: