Diatone GT-M5 - the rebuild (WTF Diatone!)

So after the Diatone GT-M5 had an ESC go up in flames (Diatone GT M5 in flames - YouTube ) the next bit was to replace the ESC’s with some other ones whilst waiting for Alex and team (unmanned tech) to send me a replacement from Diatone. Since then I’ve burnt the FC by putting the power leads the wrong way round (DOAH).

What I’m looking to do now is to put the motors on some kind of bullet connector so I can plug them in and out. However as you’ll see from the photo Diatone have cut down the cables to bugger all meaning all I can really do is to solder them directly to the ESC.

Does anyone have any suggestions here; should i just solder extra cable, can I rewire the motors so I have longer cables, what type of bullet connectors would you recommend?

As always, help gratefully appreciated :slight_smile:

Teh typical Bullet Connectors for Escs have the size 3.5mm but they are HUGE…
try to take a bullet connector with the same thickness of your wires…

I personally wouldnt use bullet connectors though, because:
*They look ugly
*They bring some more weight
*They are nearly useless

I’m afraid those motors wires are just too short for bullet connectors.
At that length I doubt they would sit next to each other but spread out.

Yep, I’m thinking my only option is to either resolder some wires on or connect them direct to the ESC :frowning:

Just connect them directly to te Escs…
With a pair of Tweezers it shouldnt be a big Problem :slight_smile:

Yeah bullet connectors are only helpful if you plan to switch your motors around more often but the best, neatest and most secure way is to just solder the motor wires directly to the ESC. And since it’s only 3 wires it also works out faster than putting 6 bullet connectors on.