Help with connections Diatone F3 FC to Diatone VTX please

Hi Guys,

I am a bit unsure of the connections between my Diatone FC and my Diatone VTX. I have attached a few diagrams to help.Can you tell me if this is correct please?

Plus as I have never built a drone before I have questions about my ESCs, they have a red and black wire for power and GND, but there is also two smaller wires, a black and a white wire that end in one connector. Now, I presume that I have to cut off/detach the black wire and connect the left over white (Yellow in the diagram) wire to the signal pads on the Diatone F3 flight controller? Do I just cut the black wire off and leave it as is or do I need to cover it up, desolder, glue the ends?

All help will be appreciated.