ESC wiring for hexacopter

Hey guys, I’m a little confused about where the black and whitle plug goes in? is it the in the flight controller? if so where exactly?
going to buy this FC -


White wire is the signal wire… Connects to a motor output on the FC.
Black wire is a ground wire for the signal wire… Its not always needed and can be left disconnected.

If the FC has a Signal and Ground pad for each motor you can connect them there.
you can connect the signal ground to the esc ground pad ( the thinker bigger black wire )

Is there anything in the manual about this? I can’t seems to get my head around it without a diagram :frowning:
Woudl you be able to tell specifically where to connect them to Matek-f722 please?

Whats does this means?

This is the F405. Matek F722 don’t have any similar wiring shown. They both look similar.
Anyway are these the connections for esc white and black connects?

the ones you marked in red are the white signal wire locations, there is absolutely no reason the solder the ground wires, ground is common and when you solder the power wires up you’ll have a ground anyhow.

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also just de-solder the black wires from esc to stop them flapping around, and to prove a point use a multimeter on continuity and touch both ends to black power and black esc wires and there will be continuity.

What PDB are you going to be using?

I’m going to use Matek PDB-XT60 w/ BEC 5V

There is abit of a debate if you should connect the ground wire on the ESC signal connector or not… but I tend to agree that it is not strictly neccesary since most multirotor ESC’s no longer have any OPTO BESC onboard anymore.

And also since you are using a Matek PDB both the FC and PDB will all have a common ground to the negative battery pad you are probably ok not connecting the ground wire on the black and white connector… but you will obviously still need to connect the bigger black wire to the ground on the PDB!

if using matek pdb with the ribbon cable to FC, use the esc signal pads on pdb, i use same setup and only have cam in and out to vtx soldered to FC plus receiver…
i think this combe it so good just received another for new build.