Wiring for Littlebee ESC30a to Diatone D-Link AIO flight controller

Hi All,

I know the red wires go to + and the black wires go to -, and I am presuming the white wires go to signal 1,2,3,4 etc but where does the signal black wire go to on the FC? Do all the signal black wires get bunched together and connected to one ground somewhere on the flight controller? I cant seem to find information for this!? In the picture yellow is the white signal wire.

Thanks for any info.

Well, I found this:

So, unless some one says otherwise I think I will just be cutting the ground wires off all ESCs and then changing rotation if need be in Betaflight. Fingers crossed!

I read somewhere that for OPTO ESC’s you must keep the black signal return wire and connect them all to the main GND/Negative (0v) point on the flight controller
It makes sense as the signal part of the ESC may not see the thick black wire if signal is opto isolated from the driver circuit.
Just my humble opinion :smiley:
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Thanks for the response :slight_smile: I thought everyone was dead!

I just cut them off and tied them off, seems to be working so far i.e. it accepts all direction from the Tarranis and seems to be responding as I would think they should (On the desk)

I will keep you informed and once again thanks for the response.


Sorry about delays in replying but happy to see Steve helped you. I have been flat out catching up on work missed over the few days holiday I took :slight_smile:. But things are getting back to normal.

Back tot the question it is best to connect he ground to the common ground plane in gereral if you can no matter what ESC you are using. The main issue is for noise and that is why you often find the ESC signal wire twisted with the ground d wire. The longer these ESC signal wires the more chance for noise interference. Because ESC particularly in multirotors have constantly changing voltage I walsways suggest you do this.

But alot of the time you can get away with this and not notice any problems or noise but still it’s best practice to keep the ground signal connected.

Some ESC that don’t have a ground signal wire and that is usually because it is already grounded within the ESC, or the manufacturer was lazy.

So at the end of the day it’s always best to connect ESC ground to the common ground (or ESC ground) on your flight controller.

Thanks Alex,

The ESCs seem to be working fine but I presume noise will appear as a problem on your goggles when in FPV mode?

Which I cant get to check as I am not getting a picture in my goggles!!! I was, after following advice on one of my other threads but now for some reason I am not???

All my motors,ESCs and my RX seem to be working fine, in Betaflight and using my Taranis, but as I say I do not have an image! This is what I am seeing now.

I have checked power, frequencies and channels so they match and should work etc. Even been chatting to the Diatone USA guys on Facebook, hence now trying to fumble through checking continuity using a multimeter! But not sure where I am supposed to be checking it from to! Is it just the wires from the SP3 to the camera, or everything from the battery through to the camera!

I have spent about £400 (not including £260 on goggles and £160 on my Taranis) trying to end up with a working Diatone Crusader GT2, using a Runcam eagle and Frsky RX, getting the soldering gear, multimeters, batteries etc and still cannot get out and fly. I so wish I had just waited and purchased one from your site when one came in! But really wanted to be able to build and repair as necessary, but am feeling really really frustrated and peed off!

So far from yourselves I have purchased a Crusader GT2 frame, motors and ESCs, 2 x D-Link FCs (one doesnt work) 1 x F4 FC (was going to use it to replace the D-Link that didnt work, but this doesnt work) 1x SP3 VTX (might be working, lights up with channels but cant get an image now) 1 x runcam eagle.

As advised previously by yourself I will return the faulty goods, but I just seem to be nowhere nearer to flying! The main problem being it takes so long to get replacement parts for this model so I cant even test the parts properly.

Nightmare! :frowning:


Hi Stallen,

I’m the newest noob on here - hope you’re up and flying !?
i’m currently building my first fpv quad, i’m trying to connect my dji snail propulsion esc to my streak f4 FC, and i’m pretty much at the same point as you were on this thread! i can’t decide what i’m to do with the PWM signal cable⸮ is it common practice to tie it off and solder the signal cable direct to FC?