ESC to FC help please!

I am unbelievably new here so any help is greatly appreciated. I will also check through all other threads to see if that helps!
It’s my first build and I’m wondering what to do with my DJI Snail 30A ESC when connecting to Streak F4 FC/PDB. In particular I’m not sure what t do with the PWM signal cable.
there is a pad on my FC for signal cable (s1,s2,s3,s4) so do i just cut the connection off my signal cable and solder it to that?
do i just tie off the ground or solder it to some neutral ground?

thank you very much, a lot of useful threads on here and hopefully someone can point a new guy in the right direction!

If you go to
It shows how to wire the yellow signal wire at the bottom of page under product description

Hope this helps

Thanks Perry!
It does help.
I wonder if you could help me again!
I’ve soldered my esc per and gnd to the board, seems ok with the multimeter but when i plug in a battery i get constant beeping!!
any thoughts?

Glad that i could help ill see if i can help again. Is that on all escs or just one. And have you checked with the multi meter once battery is plugged in.
Is there anything else connected to the fc because it may be warning you there’s no radio signal. wire in your rx and then give it a whirl :wink:🖒

Aw man!
it was another rookie mistake!
i thought about it and as soon as i soldered my esc signal cables to the board it stopped beeping at me!
I’m making progress slowly and surely, this site is excellent for advice and i really appreciate your guidance.
I’m on to video and radio hook up next

No problem mate just drop a message on here if you get stuck there’s a world of info waiting to be learned and shared :wink:
Till next time fly safe