ESC hook up question on Femto F3

New to the group. Great info here! Im using DYS XSD 20A BLHeli S Dshot 3-4s ESCs and a femto F3 FC with integrated BEC, PDB,. I’ve got the pos n neg wires soldered to the board and I am wondering if the thin twisted black n white twisted wires go to the Tx receiver?. The built in BEC on FC means that it takes the higher voltage from the battery and reduces it to 5v wherever that is needed?

The thin white and black wires from the ESC are the signal wires that control the ESC and therefore need to be connected to the flight controller motor outputs.
The white wire is the signal and the black is the common line. There has been much discussion as to if the black wires actually need connecting but my recommendation is yes, connect to the flight controller common rail which is the same pad as power in negative. As they are twisted with the white wires it will give some degree of electrical noise suppresion and ensures the ESC control circuitry always has a good 0v reference point

Hope this helps
Steve :slight_smile:

This diagram should help :slight_smile: As Seve said the thin wires are likely to be the ESC signal wires but you dont need to connect the black wires as this FC does not have space for them.

You could take the blacks to the same pads as the thick blacks :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much for the info. With such a small space to work with on the little FC I was not sure where to hook up the little white/blk wires. So,…on the fc, where exactly does it show the motor controller outputs? Im not sure what symbol im looking for on the fc. Thank you very much for the help, I appreciate everyone’s help as im new to this. 3 months in and im up to 5 quads already and more on the way, im hooked!

Thank you for the diagram. So the white wire from the esc goes where the yellow wire leads to on the diagram, next to the + and -. And I can just solder the blk wires to where I soldered the big blk wires go on the board…