DJI F550 Flamewheel ESC wire colour coding


I have purchased a DJI F550 Flamewheel and looked through the kit yesterday.

I noticed the ESC had two wires which need ti be soldered to the PCB.

The wires are white and black, which surprised me as I expected to see red and black wires.

Can you confirm if the white wire simply replaces the red wire? (I’m assuming so but may be missing something!)

If so, why is it white and not red as this I’m sure could lead to some confusion?

Thanks very much.

Can you send a photo so we can double check… but usually black and white is for ESC signal and ground

Whatever you do DO NOT connect connect white and black to your LiPo :scream:
The white wire is the ESC control signal from the flight controller
The black wire is the ‘common’ for that control signal, some say… this is not required and they are basically correct, however if you twist the white and black wires together and connect the black to the GND on the flight controller it helps prevent ‘electrical noise’ on the white signal wire, not a bad thing to do.
Hope this helps
Steve :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve attached an image which I hope helps.

Would I be right in saying the white wire should connect to the positive terminal on the PCB? The black should connect to the negative terminal on the PCB? Finally, the white and black twisted wire should go to the Flight Controller?

Thanks again. New to this!



The three wires at the bottom are for you motor

The twisted black and white is for the FC (Black = GND, White = Signal)

Now… I would like to guess the thick Black wire is GND and the thick White wire is POS…
BUT IM NOT 100% Sure.

Can anyone else confirm.

I think there will be continuity between the battery ground and the signal ground.
ie , the two black wires

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Hi there,

I’m assuming that’s a good thing!

So just to confirm… I was right in my previous post with wire positions etc.

Just don’t want to wire it up wrong!


I would guess that the way you had it in your photo is correct, as it would seem quite bizzare to have a white wire as ground and black as positive. To be safe, connect one one and then plug in your lipo. Rather than hooking all 6 incorrectly and frying them all.

But I do think the way you connected seems correct with thick black being ground, and thick white as positive.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply mate.

If I plug in my lipo with just one motor connected, will i have to set up my transmitter and receiver prior to doing this? E.g. to spin the motor?

Cheers. Chris

just googled your esc and yes the white wire is the positive

Thanks Dale.

Are you able to post a link please?


sorry been working silly hours, look closely where white and black wires go to esc and you can see a + and - near solder points.

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Great spot Dale.

Appreciate the help mate!