Help connecting signal wire

My first build, I am using the SPMFC3207 quad racing flight controller with db:Theory XL. I know to connect the red and black wire from each electronic speed controller to the pdb. My question is, how do I connect my signal wire from each electronic speed controller(There is a black and a white wire from each esc. On my power distribution board there are four pads that say signal 1, signal 2, signal 3, and signal 4. Do I just solder the white signal wire to each pad? If so, what do I do with the black wire? Thank you.


Hello, You Sir made the right choice of soldering each signal wire(white wire) on each pad on the FC. The black wire is a signal ground and I would recommend that you twist the signal and signal ground wires together(helps with noise i think so anyway) before soldering. With most FC nowadays they include a signal ground pad(usually next to the signal pad) but don’t panic you can connect the signal ground wires onto any ground pad but I prefer soldering it against the main ground wire of the esc(cleaner that way). For your piece of mind I have a link of a video informing you about this subject.

Hope this solves your problem?
I also noticed that you have a spektrum set up?


Thank you for your help with my build. I appreciate it. Yes, on this build I am using a spectrum set up.


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