Help connecting Diatone SP2 VTX on my Tyrant

ok so i have been flying mini quadcopters for over a year…my main racer at the minute is the Diatone Tyrant 180 and I have gone through a few video transmitters…a couple from not attaching antenna and powering up and yesterday after upgrading and squeezing in an SP2 I made a wrong connection from the PCB to the new VTX and it sparked and burned dramatically…Diatone have now given me a diagram, there are a total of 3 wires coming from the Tyrants PCB…I connected the yellow wire to the video in and the black wire to GND…I now know that my mistake was attaching the red wire from the PCB to Vout +5v…should i have put it to Vin 2-4s??? I have ordered a new one from you…any help would be much appreciated, thanks

The power (red wire) should got to Vin, black (ground) to GND next to it, just makes sure you are only using a 2-4S lipo.

And the yellow video wire goes to Video in. Then to power your camera you can either use Vout VCC which is same as battery voltage, or Vout 5V which is 5V depending on what voltage your camera needs (usually its 5V). And then its also a good idea to connect the camera ground to one of the GND pins on the SP2