Confused about diatone sp2 vtx

I am having trouble as to what to do because the vtx looks as though its working properly, it’s on the corrrect channel, on the correct band and the vtx is on the 25mw setting the highest legal power. There is also no physical damage.

I have used it before so I know that it should work, as well as its showing all the correct info on the display, and its only about a month old.

However despite it looking as it should work I’m getting very poor signal with alot of static and it only shows a clear image if i fly less than 5m away from myself.Any further away then the image is so poor that I can’t fly or land or do any thing.

Do need a new vtx? Or is there something I’m doing wrong?

There could be something wrong with vtx :frowning:. But first place to start is what antennas are you using? Are the both circular polarised and if so are they both left handed or right handed?

Second possible issue could be the connectors between antenna and vtx, so that one has a pin, and the other has a hole.

Both antennas are right hand circular polarized and are sma connectors.

Have you tried raising the power output? I fly 600mw with these, they get uber hot, but generally give a good signal. I had 2 bad ones, that they would cut out mid flight, overheat, and never recover in flight. 3rd one is ok, but I don’t trust them at all.
Emailed diatone on several occasions and never ever got any reply. You might be better off with the Immersion Tramp?

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Thank you for the advice.