Tyrant S VTX not sending out any singal?

Hi, Orded a Diatone tyrant S 2 weeks ago, today I got my batteries and was setting up my receiver. I connected the VTX antenna, connected the battery and try to setup my VTX channels. But what every band I pick (A B F R D) channel 1-8. I cant find any signal, also try to switch to different power modes: 25/200/600 (now its back on 200mw red) but still no video. VTX is also really cold when powered on for a few minutes (from my experience vtx always get a bit (warm - hot) after a while ). Also checked the VTX tab in BetaFlight without any results. Tested this with 2 different VTX receivers. Am I missing something? or is there something wrong with the vtx? (this a brand new quad with 0 flights just out of the box ). Please help what can i do?