Receiver to Diatone Tyrant S connection problem

I have a Tyrant S drone with a FlySky fs-i6 and fs-ia6b receiver. The receiver is already bounded with the controller. With PPM connecting, the receiver is connected on channel 1 with the flightcontroller. If I put the battery in the drone, the receiver gets no power but the led lights are burning. But when I connect the drone through the flgtcontroller with my computer the receiver gets power. How can I make it working?
Thank you!!!

When you connect the battery to your drone, do you get any LED’s on your flight controller and does it make any beeps? As it sounds like it might just be a bad regulator on your flight controller :frowning:

Let me know so we can get this working for you

Thank you for your help. When I connect my battery to the drone I get three beeps and leds on the back of the drone, but not on the flight controller. And when I connect the flight controller to my computer, there are no beeps and only the Led’s of the flight controller.