Can i use any type of frame for my cc3d

Am sorry if this is a stupid question…am a biginner and totaly new to quads and copters… I really wud like to proper guidens … Can cc3d b used in every kind of frames.i really loves the neewer 4 axis. Red and white frame bt all the tutorials i saw used kk2 flight controllers on it. How ever i found that cc3d wud b much more easier for me as am just learning .so can anyone suggest me to get proper parts escs motors. Etc. Thanks alottt in advance… :wink: :wink: :airplane::airplane:

Hi @Sachin_Cb
Yes I’m sure we can give you some guidance but first some basic questions
How big, or small, do you want it to be?
Are you planning on carrying any payload? Camera for example
Do you want to race, sport fly or airborne photography?
How computer savvy are you? (These things need configuring using software programs)
Sorry it’s all questions but we can turn your answers into real advice :+1:
Steve :grinning:

A medium size like i said about the frame i saw (neewer 4 axis) . Bt i didnt see any tutorials wich uses cc3d along with that particular frame. Thats y i got a bit confused …

I only saw cc3d flighcontrollers in quads that looked like racing types… Wich might b a complicated task for me. ( newbie) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::v:

So ya i guess
I wanted to attach a camera…bt since this is my first project i guess i better work on getting it off the ground first. .

Thanks… -sachin. :wink: :v:


Ahhah, a good old (clone ??) F450 Flamewheel, nice choice for starting, plenty of space for fitting equipment and slinging a battery underneath. When/if you progress to a camera on a gimbal you can add landing gear underneath which provides the space needed.

Yep I can send you a suggested equipment/build list for this.
Give me a few days and I’ll get back to you

Steve :slight_smile:


can i use a gimbal along with cc3d ?? .

Most gimbals work standalone without connection to FC. It is good however to use a spare RX channel to tilt the vertical camera angle from the TX to frame your videoing better
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can u suggeat me parts… i was about to buy flysky fsct6b transmiter for my first quad. Is it oke ? Can i msg you persnaly coz am feeling really awkward when people can view my stupid doubts :smile:


Hi Sachin
Do not worry about ‘stupid doubts’ we all started once with quadcopters and I asked many stupid questions at first (sometimes I still do :laughing: :laughing:)
I will send you guidance soon
Steve :slight_smile:

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thank you so much sir… i have msged you i hope u will see to it