Newbie-any guide on basic drone was thinking to use cc3d controller

Hello all

I am newbie and wanted to build a basic drone.Was thinking to use CC3d as flight controller being cheap do suggest if any other…Thanks

please don’t…

CC3d are really old and for the brains of your quad you should use better.

a Matek F405 will be a much better option.

I would agree that going for CC3D for your first FC will probably cause you more headaches than the cost saving… it might even be so frustrating to put you off this hobby altogether!

Another popular suggestion that is abit cheaper, and has lots of documentation around is the SP F3, but it has been around for a long time, so F4 boards are slowly starting to take over.

If you have some time you might find it helpful to read our flight controller buying guide:

@DoomedFPV thanks for the link to our shop :slight_smile: