What is the problem?

I have a problem with my snail system, when I arm the motors, they all start spining, but when I just touch a little motor 2 and 4, they stop working. Motors 1 and 3 are not having this problem. Like 4 days ago I had a problem that I wrongly polarized the ESCs (the ESCs connected to motors 2 and 4), I had smoke, but the ESCs still work. When I put on the props, the motors 2 and 4 are not spinning. Also, when I try to spin the motors manually, the motors 2 and 4 are spinning smoother than 1 and 3 when Im connected with my battery. Feels like the motors 1 and 3 are “premagnetized” and they are spinning not that smoothly as 2 and 4, because the 2 and 4 are not “premagnetized”. So should I replace the ESCs or what should I do? By the way, sorry for my english skills, im not a good english speaker.
Here is a video of the problem:

My build:
PDB : Matek XT-60
FC: Naze32
ESCs: DJI Snail 430-R
MOTORS: DJI Snail 2305 Motor
RX: Spektrum 4648

Firstly swap motors 2 with 1 and 4 with 3 to see if the fault moves if it does then your motors 2 and 4 need replacing, if not then it is the ESC’s
I would recomend replacing the ESC’s.anyway
If they have been wrongly connected and smoked than you cannnot trust them.
Any part of the flight powertrain MUST be 100% good so as to not risk it falling out of the sky.
It’s a small amount of money for peaace of mind.
Steve :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer!
Okay, I will do so :slight_smile:

First of all… ich agree total to the guy above me… I heard, there is a System, that stops the motors, when you fly agai SG a Wall. … maybe your contact with your Motor May br this system… (This is only a asumption… is could br wrong… I only heard about that one time. … )