Drone kalkmiyor

There was a malfunction on the radio transmitter. We found the source of the fault and repaired it. But now the drone software is out of control. I’m using the BetaFlight program. Everything in the program seems to be working properly. But unfortunately, while the drone is about to take off, the engine locks up and starts to roll.

Try checking…

Prop direction
Motor direction

and the orientation of the FC.

Is your Accelerometer, Gyro and the middle of your sticks calibrated?
Try recalibrating your Escs

Luca :slight_smile:

How to make an ESC caliber.

You do that by connecting your Drone to BlHeli suite

I did the calibrating process yesterday. But the third and fourth ESC are calibrating. The first and second ESC are not read.

There are ESC errors. One and the second ESC were not found. No updates. HELP ME

May the signal wire of your Escs be faulty or did the connection came loose?

We found the cause of the fault on the Bf3 card. There is contact at one and two data pins.

Could you provide us a picture of that?