Is my BLHeli ESC Faulty?


Im working on a project to create my own flight controller. So far its going great except one of my ESC’s wont takecommands.

When I plug in any of the ESC’s (including this faulty one), they beep when connected to the motor as you would expect. Now when I run my command to set Throttle Range, I get no response from that ESC (I do from the others). I also get nothing no matter what I do with that individual ESC apart from the inital beep.

Could that ESC be faulty?

Hey e4stwood,
Of course its always possible, that one esc is faulty.
My advise would be, to test that esc on a flight Controller, which is not build by Yourself.
I would recommend the SpF3, because its very cheap and easy to handle. :slight_smile:

Maybe also doublöe check your Connections.

Hope that this was helpful