Help with Quadc setup in Betaflight!

Hello, my name is Jack Day and I am just getting into building race quads. I have built up a TBS source one with a Succe-X F4 mini flight controller and esc stack. I am running a Rush Mini Tank VTX and a Spektrum 4650 receiver/DX6 Transmitter. The problem I am running into is that before I flashed betaflight 4.2.0 onto the board, the camera quality was clear and the motors would run up in betaflight, but now after I have flashed it, the camera quality is garbage and when I go to the motors tab I get the Error 100 percent right above the sliders. How do I fix this? What setting are bad. Thanks a lot!

Sounds like you have flashed the wrong firmware, or you have not put the right settings in , can you post picture of betaflight configurator page and the pid settings

Yep, I actually flashed the wrong firmware and when I flashed 4.1.7 onto the board, which is what it came with, it works and flies beautifully now. Thanks for the response!