Receiver Configuration Issues In Betaflight

Hello all,

Thanks to Alex, I’ve finally been able to get my RX connected to my Tyrant S 215 (with D-Link F3 V3 flight controller). I’ve installed all the drivers and managed to get this connected onto Betaflight.

It was all going well until I got to the Receiver tab. The quad preview on the right-hand side is all over the place, moving in different directions. The numbers on the ‘Roll, Pitch, Throttle, Yaw’ etc are increasing and decreasing all on their own and no matter how I move the sticks on the TX, it’s making no difference.

Pretty stumped trying to look for answers here - I thought it may have to do with the battery the RX was getting as my battery was quite low and the Server Level Status was blinking in Betaflight.

Please let me know if you have any idea where I am going wrong!

Update #2:

So, I had the now charged battery, RX and USB all attached and running in Betaflight.
In the Receiver tab, all the numbers were still going berzerk. I tried to experiment and went through my TX settings (FYI: Should have mentioned before I am using the FlySky FS-i6 transmitter and FS-iA6B receiver) and ended up in End Points.

Somehow, I managed to arm the motors and they spun incredibly fast. Safe to say, I jumped out of my skin and safer to say now I know why they say to take your props off (thank God I had taken mine off).

Lastly, after this my FC kept flashing a red LED and making a beeping noise.

Hopefully, this helps anyone understand better the issue I’m having!

Thanks once again :slight_smile:

Have you bound you rx to the transmitter (I’m assuming yes as you managed to arm it) look at the receiver tab and check whether each input roll throttle yaw etc are moving as expected ,so yaw on transmitter moves yaw in betaflight etc.( you will need to have every thing on ,but don’t put props on or arm the quad)

Hi Tanky,

If you mean the Receiever tab on Betafligt then no, none of the numbers are in their correct place.

When I switch the transmitter on, all the numbers increase and decrease on their own without my touching the transmitter. It’s not in any particular order either.

For example, the throttle will move from say 0 to 1400 to 600 to 1946 etc etc, same with all the other values.

I wish I could take a video because a picture of the problem won’t reveal anything.

Right, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a .gif of the video so everyone can see the exact problem.
As you can see, everything is setup correctly for the hardware i.e. RX, battery, USB.

It’s connected fine into Betaflight, but when I visit the Receiver page, this is what happens. Note, I am not pressing or moving any sticks or buttons on my transmitter.

Help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for the picture, but something is definitely not correct. Have you set the RX input to be Serial, and Ibus within betaflight configuration? Otherwise maybe there is something wrong your your RX as it should not be sending random commands to your FC like that. Do you have another RX to test?

when it is doing that go into the menu on the transmitter , go into functions setup, go down to display and open that that should show you what is being sent from your transmitter. Are the channel inputs still when you make no input into the sticks? When you exit make sure to only tap cancel once (don’t hold cancel to exit).

Hey all,

Thanks for all the help so far.
So, I finally cracked the problem by going back to basics.

Essentially, these are the steps I took just in case anyone else ever has this problem:

  1. I re-flashed the FC to 3.01. This stopped the constant beeping noise on the FC.
  2. I revisited each tab on Betaflight and noticed it somehow reset all my chosen settings.
  3. Receiver output was set to PPM. I changed this to Serial and used IBUS (I previously clicked SBUS).
  4. Added the modes as it reset all of these too.

Voila - fully functioning RX and TX and all modes set.

I’ll test out the quad tomorrow but so far, so good on the bench. It’s responding well to arm, throttle, yaw etc.

Will give you guys an update in due course :slight_smile:

well done, looking forward to the result :slight_smile:

Hi Prodigy! I’ve been scouring the internet the past day trying to figure out this issue. I’ve been using ppm output as well, but i’m going to try changing to a serial connection/ibus and see what happens. Thanks for sharing and let me know if you have any additional tips!

Hi Ray,

I’d definitely switch to IBUS if I was you - it’s a much simpler setup physically and for your choice of flight programme.

Honestly, follow the steps above that I took to ensure it was working the first time.

If you need any help let me know. I spent three months searching how to work my quad as there was no help available!