ZMR250 CC3D Configuration Guide with LibrePilot

This is a video demonstrating the configuration process for the CC3D flight controller when completing the ZMR250 frame build. We have used the ZMR250 kit here but this process can be applied to many different frames.

Find the LibrePilot download here. This video is part of our ZMR250 Assembly Build Guide and so check this out for a complete guide on how to build this pretty cool frame.

Excellent guide. Unfortunately my CC3D does not fire output 2. All four motors will work on outputs 1,3,&4. Using Libre Pilot, I have tried to use output 5 to fire motor 2, through the vehicle tab. Initially I could fire motor 2 using the slider on the output tab. But when I used the remote to control the motors, only 1, 3, &4 fired. Now I can no longer control motor 2 using the slider. Although output channel 5 is allocated to Motor NE, I cannot move the slider anymore. Any suggestions please? All help gratefully received! This was my son’s birthday present on 4/10/16, and he’s getting a bit twitchy now as it still hasn’t flown…