ZMR 250 fs ia6b-fs i6 issues

hello, i have just finished my zmr 250 build and have now gone on to setting up in libre pilot. it was all going well until i did the transmitter setup wizard. i cant seem to get ch1 to work any suggestions ? link to video i made about it in more detail.!

Thanks for the video, nice and easy to see what the problem is :blush:. I have had this issue from time to time and it it usually just a weird bug with librepilot wizard. But just to make sure, could you go to the receiver tab and then test your radio there without the wizard just to see if the board it even picking up the inputs at all. You might also find that your ch1 from your receiver is going to ch4/5/6 on the CC3D.

If you se that some channels dont move, then try to swap the cable for a channel that does not work just to check if its thru inputs on the FC not working, or the outputs on tour RX so we know where the problem is.

Hope that makes sence, let me know how you get on

i finally managed to fix the problem by changing the wires around.
ch1: blue cable
ch2: 1st yellow cable
ch3: white red black cable
ch4: green cable
ch5: 2nd yellow cable
ch6: black cable

thank you for your help and your information on my issue.