What was your First Radio?

Hi there, well I am starting out in the drone world… and wanting to get into this what looks like it is a fun sport of drone racing and flying… SO my questions probably already have been asked over and over… BUT here it goes again

What is a good radio to start off with?

I am currently looking at :FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH AFHDS RC Transmitter With FS-iA6B Receiver - Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)

Bang good has it for $43.99

I want to keep the bank a bit small, till i get into it a bit more… SO let me know what you think, what you started with and I guess then I will go on for there.


I started off with the FS-I6 and a FS-IA6B Receiver.
After a year i started to get unsatistified with the FS-I6 because you cannot do anything with it, so i got myself a X9d :slight_smile:
My tip :
Better buy something expensive that will last for a long time instead of something cheap that you will replace in a short period of time.

Hi snephew,

I have recently started out flying too and the transmitter that I got was the FrSky QX7. I have not has any issues with it at all. I am also able to connect it to my laptop with a USB cable (type B i believe) so I can use it with a simulator to practice at home. I would definitely recommend saving up a bit more and getting this radio over the FS-i6.

hope this helps.

+1 for the QX7, it’s what I fly myself :slight_smile:

Haven’t found a radio that’s made me feel compelled to replace it yet - though there’s a new Jumper (T12) radio coming out soon that Alex pointed out to me, and it looks mighty compelling…

I had an old Spectrum DX6i handed down to me…

Then upgraded to a Taranis 9XD.

My first radio was a Futaba T6EX, back before I knew about Frsky or Flysky.

I would argue that your first radio should be the Jumper T8SG V2… Its what i use most of the time now as I love that you can bind it to just about any receiver, including Frsky, Flysky and Spektrum… so its essentially the only radio you will ever need.

It is abit more expensive than the FS-i6, but I think its worth it. Otherwise if you can wait a couple weeks, jumper are releasing a new radio called the Jumper T12 that is maybe a little better in some ways as it supports even more receivers/modules. And its similar price to the Jumper T8SG V2 at around $90.

Mine’s a FlySky i6X, and using an X6B receiver with it. Works well, and provides battery telemetry to the handset.

I am in 2 minds to upgrade to Something like the multi-protocol Jumper T8SG V2Plus though

Had the Flysky, would advise that you go for the QX7 though, as when I changed to FrSky I had 6 drones and it got expensive quick. The QX7 is a fully fledged radio that you shouldn’t have to replace for years, my Flysky lasted about 5 months.

I have the X9D SE now as didn’t want to have to replace, the QX7 does everything pretty much the more expensive radio does but is much cheaper.