Choosing a new Transmitter

Hi guys
Been away from the hobby for a bit. But recently got the bug back especially being stuck at home a lot thought I’d like to build a new quad and fly a few micros in the garden but my FS-i6 has got damaged in a recent house move. So I’m now on the market to purchase a new Transmitter. As the couple of models I already have use Flysky RX’s I’d like some thing that could bind to them if possible but its not the be all and end all. My question is what would be a good Transmitter if in were to spend up to say £150? Would it be Jumper or Frsky?
Any help would be appreciated thanks

Have a look at the new Jumper T16 Pro V2 :+1:

The T16 truly is the ONE radio to rule them all.


Ok thanks yeh had a few people recommend this one. Better in your opinion than the Frsky radios such as the QX7, X9 lite?
Thanks for the reply

I would say yes it is better than the QX7… X9 Lite is also a nice radio but the issue with Frsky nowdays is they are trying hard to lock people into their ecosystem of receivers and radios. If you get any new Frsky radio you will be forced to onyl use Frsky gear, which in general is not a bad thing. I just like the flexibility offered by the Jumper T16 radio, as you can use spektrum, flysky, most frsky, and also crossfire setups with it. And as far as the “best” R/C system out there goes crossfire is the the best and does not work with any of the newer Frsky radios.

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I’ve upgraded from X7 to T16 sometime in August and it was instantly a major upgrade but it kept getting better with both software and cheap hardware updates - just upgraded it recently with USB-C connector and internal charging using an official part for $3 (yours will come with it pre-installed if you buy a new one).

A friend has X9 lite, that’s even worse than X7. It’s just awful to hold, disgustingly cheap plastic and non-standard module bay if you need anything other than FrSky’s new ACCESS or the “old” D16 protocol (which was also just updated to 2.0 to lock out third party receivers…mess!). If you want a smaller radio like that, I’d go with the newly upgraded Jumper T12 which is pretty much a scaled down T16.

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Thanks for an excellent reply mate seems I’ll definitely be going for one those radios now which one yet I’m not sure

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I do like the Jumper/Radiomaster T16 im a thumber rather than a pincher. I’ve took a liking to the game pad style radios of which I know of 3 on the market. The frsky x-lite, the flysky nirvana and the TBS tango. My concern of the tango is that I’ll be stuck with only crossfire where as the other 2 allow for modules I believe. What’s your opinion on radio shapes for thumb pilots?

Hi mate what do you think of the X-lite have you used one? I’m a thumb pilot rather than a pincher so thought a game pad style radio might suit me better haven’t had a go with the x lite or the TBS tango yet but just wondered on your opinion?

I’m not a thumber and I’ve only ever held X-Lite for a couple seconds so can’t tell you much about it other that FrSky is not a company anyone should be investing in. They’ve been trying really hard to lock new customers into their stupid new protocol. No whoops on those new X-Lites (or any other recent FrSky radio) without external modules. If you like that form factor and don’t need CrossFire, try BetaFPV Lite Radio 2, it’s surprisingly good and only $40, supports both D8 and D16 FCC/LBT. I even like it as a pincher, has a nice grip and good sized gimbals.