Should I buy this

I am looking at various cheap transmitters for drones as a Christmas present for my grandson.
I have seen this Flysky transmitter on Banggood but it says that it is suitable for gliders, helicopters and airplanes. It doesn’t mention drones.
Being almost totally inexperienced in this area I thought it prudent to ask some knowledgeable people about it before blowing my pension cheque.
Can anyone advise me on the suitability of this transmitter and also whether it is worth the money?

lots of people use the flysky as a first transmitter.

I would also look at the Jumper range of Transmitters.

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Have a look on Turnigy Evolution you can buy it now for the same money.

I would agree with doomed that jumper radios are the best to start with, mainly because you can bind them to just about anything in the hobby. Radios like frsky only bind to frsky recievers etc.

But being so flexible the jumper menus are ABIT more complex, but plenty of videos on YouTube :slight_smile:

frysky perfectly ok for quads, banggood ok but delivery can take some time even if you pay for fast shipping.
dont forget unmannedtech do same transmitter with a smaller better receiver only 16 quid more ( you’ll need to not buy so many Worthers Originals)
Turnigy Evolution also a good radio for the young its playstation ergonomics may suit him.
Jumper great if you have more models with different receivers.
I still have my first radio Turngy, but now use frsky Taranis.
A little more advice, if stuff goes wrong and its taken 14 days to arrive, its then another month before you see it again.
if the budget will stretch buy from uk.

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Thank you all for your advice.

First off, Dale. It has been many years since I last sucked on a Worthers Original. They may be available here in Oz, but if they are, then in keeping with the great Australian traditions, they will have been marked up 500%, and so effectively placing them beyond the likelihood of my purchasing them.

I had actually clicked on the order button for the Jumper Lite and I also thought to buy 3 more of the Chaos ESCs that were previously recommended to me, but they are no longer in stock. So I thought F@#$ it, and decided to get the Flysky FS-i6S and cancelled the order.

Then I remembered that I was impressed with the speed with which I got the ESCs, so I know that Unmanned give good service re delivery.

Then I reread everyone’s comments and I am now conflicted again.

What are the differences between the Jumper T8SG Lite and the T8SG V2 that would make the price difference worthwhile? What I am thinking here is that I could give him the FS-i6S and maybe get a better transmitter for myself.

@unmannedtech1 alex can you answer this… :slight_smile:

I really like my RadioLInk A10 … very nice radio well built …
The radio allows for both drones or Fixed wing … You can read more about it at:


I bought Flysky FS-i6 as my first radio for Quad copter that I built. I use it also for 3 Flite Test planes that I have assembled. I have been able to bind radio with Flysky and other brand receivers with no problem. I paid $55. US for my radio and it has been great!

My opinion would be to go for T8SG V2 over the lite without hesitation. The lite version has alot of cool features but the gimbals are pretty bad. It’s great for a beginner as it supports loads of recovers but if you can afford to for the T8SG V2 as the gimbals are way better.

I currently use the T8SG V2 plus as my everyday radio and it’s works great, and I love that you can use it with just about any reciever.

But the flysky and also radiolink are also decent systems, radiolink are probably the most underrated radios in the market right now. but I would still go for jumper as it has way more reciever options and I really like that :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your replies
I looked at the Radiolink and it does look very nice but possibly a little pricey when compared to the others.

I will probably take your advice at a later date Alex, but for now I am going with another FlySky because of the price and also because I have one and so I don’t need to learn a lot more stuff that I wil then have to teach my grandson.

When I get things going properly, I will buy a better transmitter for myself, but my 6 years old grandson does not really warrant anything good at this stage as he will probably break it fairly quickly anyway.

This is turning out to be a really expensive present for him.
Cost of motors and associated props and ESCs, several KK2.1.5 flight controllers (because I managed to burn a couple of them), batteries and a charger and then the transmitter with receiver.

Oh well, it is all a huge learning experience for me, so it is (hopefully) money well spent.

I have also managed to burn out two of the Simonk ESCs that came with the motors. No idea why, they are 30 amp EScs on a standard motor using an S3 battery, but they just went bang and blew up after about 10 seconds of flying. Well, I say flying, but it was really just attempting to hover the tricopter as I tested to make sure that I had set it up correctly. When I say ‘blew up’ I mean that literally. The chip blew off the board and made a hole in the shrink wrap tubing.

I have now ordered some 30 amp fuses to put in-line with the power to the ESCs. Hopefully, they will blow next time instead of the more expensive parts.

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Not a bad decision and I agree it can be abot much when trying to learn a new radio system… and to be honest the jumper menus are ABIT more complex considering they can bring with 100a’s of reciever types.