New transmitter upgrade?

Hey guys I got into FPV about a year ago and im looking to upgrade my transmitter, currently i have the fs i6 with 10ch firmware, I was thinking buying the Taranis X lite S or TBS Tango 2, I do prefer the Tango but im not sure if it will work with all recievers, like Flysky XM+,Fli14+,X8B that I currently have on my drones or plan to have on some them, looking for a clear answer and if possible for explanation, or maybe a different transmitter recommendation in price range, thanks!

Hey dude.

Neither of the transmitters you listed will work with all those rx’s

You need something with a multi protocol module like the t16

Thanks for the response, I can change the receivers to fit one type of transmitter, Im less intrested in the tango becuase of rx limit, can you recommend t16 vs taranis x lite s?
Edit: Found also the new RadioMaster TX16S in much cheaper price and seems to be better than T16, anyone can suggest?

I wouldn’t recommend any of the frsky radios at the moment. The jumper and the radiomaster are both going to e great radios

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Thank you for your help, bought eventually the RadioMaster TX16S, seems to be great value for money.

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