Fr Sky Taranis X9D

I currently have a Turnigy 9x TX and I’m thinking about upgrading by purchasing a Taranis 9XD can you advise please Alex? Also I have spare Turnigy 9X 8C V2 receivers will they work with this transmitter? Any advice on supplier prices etc. would be appreciated

If you upgrade to the taranis you will also need to use new FRsky receivers unfortunately as the turnigy ones are not compatible.

However what is the main reason for you upgrading? Is it because you want better range, or you just like the screen and extra features of the taranis? As a cheaper option would be to just upgrade the R/C transmitter module on your turnigy 9x, to a FRsky one. But then you still need to use your current radio with small screen. Either way its still not a bad idea to use teh taranis X9D, but just letting you know there is another option :smile: