Updating FrSky Taranis X9D from v1.1.02 to v2.x



Hi, I’m trying to update my FrSky Taranis X9D from its factory firmware (opentx-x9d-v.1.1.02) to 2.x.

I’m having difficulty updating and all the tutorials I’ve encountered are for updating 2.0 to 2.1.

I want the better telemetry functionality so I can fully utilise my drone.

If you could link me the appropriate instructions it would be much appreciated. Also, if I update my X9D will I have to update my X8R?

I have just ordered the X8R, I’ve been using Orange RX/TX, is it worth all the trouble to update the firmware for telemetry?




There is often some confusion as there is firmware that runs on the taranis (openTX firmware), then there is firmware for the internal/external radio module (XJT) or an external module. Then there is firmware on your reciever. For taranis you generally need to have the same version firmware on the radio module and your receiver. And to further add to the confusion frsky has two types of firmware, international firmware and EU firmware which are not compatible.

When you are having issues updating your taranis are you trying to use the PC software or are you doing it directly on your taranis?


@unmannedtech1 I’m trying to use the mac software, (I could try on a pc). My SD doesn’t even show up when I plugged it in via USB. Since my X9D has old firmware, does that mean it would not work with the out of the box X8R? I tired doing it on the X9D its self but I could not load it in the boot loader mode.

On the FrSky website there are firmware updates for the X9D Plus but not the X9D. Does it matter if the firmware is by FrSky or not?

This is the tutorial I tried - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0NMTLob5EE



@unmannedtech1 I found this tutorial, I’ll give it a shot.


It worked, everything is updated to 2.1.9


Happy to hear you got it working and thanks for letting us know which guide you used :slight_smile: sure many others will find it helpful