Taranis X9D v.1.1.02

I did buy a Taranis X9D in 2014 but never used it before now and wanted to upgrade it.
I have tryed almost everything awailable about software and firmware but none did work. My TX would not start.
After one long days working i found and older version and not it came back to live again.
What is the limitations for the Taranis X9D and how can i make it work with a upgrade.
I have also seen a lot of videos on Youtube but almoat all of them is missing importent information. The worse video was on the FrSky website. Terribly bad


what error message are you getting.?

After downloading firmware the TX will not start. Only a short blink in the display.
When i managed to download that old version that did work i used DfuSeDemo.
I says cant veryfy but it did work.


you need to download and install FrSky Companion to upgrade firmware.


I did read some place that Companion versions more than v2 do not work on my X9D version so i did use v1.52.
Still no sucess…

I have an older Taranis (sticker says made in 2012) which I recently updated. I followed the video by Painless360 on Youtube and it worked out for me.