Taranis mode problem

Hi Guys and Gals

I’m having a bit of a nightmare with my Taranis x9d plus. in the model set up screen I can only select XJT D8-D16 -LR12 but I do not have XJT model. I used to see D8 D16 without XJT along side I am at a complete loss as to what is going on. flashed firmware to latest 2.3.9 still no joy. please can somebody help??

I cannot bind to any receivers at all this is my biggest problem.

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make sure you are in internal module

Hi dale
Can confirm external RF is set to off internal RF only XJT available would add pic but not able to do so think it’s because I’m new :disappointed:

assume you have to 2019 version.

No I have a old possibly 2014 version as I have only just got back into the hobby.

where did you get the latest firmware from as the latest version on frsky site is 2.2.2 not 2.3.9, have you downloaded the 2019 version?

Open tx I’m new to all this flashing firmware stuff never had to do this back in the servo days. I think I might be to old for this now lol. Am I not updating the firmware in open tx ? If this is the case were would I look to find out I’m currently looking in the version screen on the taranis

go here you need the firmware and the sd card content.
dont use open tx companion, just flash the firmware through radio

plug radio in computer go to sd card delete all and put firmware and sd contents on sd card .
hold both trims ( rudder and roll) to centre and power on you should be on boot mode just flash firmware.
you will need correct firmware for receivers you are using, i always download to taranis and use wire in JR port to upgrade receiver.

In firmware I see bin files and dFU do I need both?

just download the latest they include both, when its on your SD card you will see the firmware .

Cool doing it now. Do you not recommend using the open tx companion firmware updates then?

lot of people thinks its great but i carnt get on with it , i’m old.

Hi dale sorry for the late reply I’ve not been well at all. Managed to re install the firmware and flash the receiver and it worked a treat. I can’t thank you enough for all your help with this issue thank you so much.

cool happy flying…