TX antenna problem on FrSky Taranis X9D

I ordered a Frsky transmitter from you back in February. I am having problems with the transmitter where it states within 100m it has lost connection with my aircraft. On two separate occasions there has been an error on the transmission saying “TX antenna problem” on the screen. I can’t diagnose what is wrong with it. I use my transmitter with the supplied x8r module and my own d4r-ii module and I get the same issue where within 100m I get telemetry lost alerts and aircraft connection critical alerts.

Thanks, my suggestion would be to upgrade to the latest version firmware (OpenTX 2.0.17) to see if that resolved the issue as the problem you are having could be a firmware bug which is known to cause this issue with firmware 2.0.15

After firmware update if you still have issue please let me know.

Here is a guide to help you to update the Taranis X9D firwmare

I have flashed the transmitter with the new firmware but I’m still getting issues with the same warnings as before.

Not sure start to do now.
If you need any more information, let me know.

In that case it does sound like the issue is most likely due to a hardware fault in which case you will need to return it back to us and assuming its still under its 1 year warranty we will fix it for you (I am assuming that you purchased it from us :rocket: )