Taranis X9D+ Telemetry



Bought the above couple of months back. Has always since new said ‘telemetry lost’ then ‘telemetry recovered’ over and over.

I assumed it was a config issue, but now are wondering if its another problem.

Found a youtube video of someone else having a simiar issue. Any ideas anyone?




Here are a few things to check first before deciding if you have a faulty receiver.

  1. Have you dont a range check?
  2. Is the radio RSSI warning threshold set too high as It could be set incorrectly, lowering it might solve the problem of the audio tones
  3. Do you have any other FrSky modules to test with? If you have another one that you know is working can help isolate the problem to being the receiver, or something on the taranis X9D radio.
  4. Upgrading the firmware on your radio and receiver if you have the upgrade cable.

Hope that helps get you started. Otherwise are you just hearing the message, or are you noticing the actual telemetry drop out at longer ranges, if so what distance is it? Have you noticed the actual RC signal drop out to so you cant control servos etc…?


Thank you very much for this, strangely gone away on its own accord, but if it repeats I will refer back to this.



Ah it’s started happening again. I have only flown the drone 3 times, and only hovering no more than 6FT, so not really tested it all as I’m still in the building phase. The problem is that all telemetry just disappears off the screen, and the audio says ‘telemetry lost’.

  1. RSSI shows at 80 give or take 5 (when I click on ‘range’)
  2. No, its to 45, and I never get that low, as the problem happens when I’m within 0 - 2 metres, not tested it beyond that much
  3. Sorry no I dont have any other module to test this with
  4. I havent upgraded firmware

So I will do a firmware update, on both receiver and transmitter, and see if that fixed the problem?