Taranis signal warning

I’ve just bought a X9D off a mate and have installed an XSR reciever in the quad.

I just wanted to know the audible warnings “signal low” “signal critical” will the taranis do that as standard? or do i have to set that feature up?


If you are located right next to the reciever in the same room this potentially normal (due to signal bouncing all over the place), but not if you are outside. Also double check how you have mounted your XSR to ensure it is getting enough power, and that both antennas are still good (one antenna is for RX other is for TX back to taranis). Also there is chance that your taranis antenna is damaged. But first thing to check is go outdoors and see how far you can go before you get a signal low/critical error as it should be at very least a few hundred meters in an open field.

Other minor things to look is the transmitter power level, low signal warning value on the tarnais software menu etc…

Thanks for the reply Alex, thats a lot of information lol all i wanted to know is will the taranis tell me im flying too far or do i have to setup rssi warning :wink:

Oops, I assumed you where getting this error when the receiver is right next to your taranis! (I guess thats what you get for answering questions late into the night!)

As far as I remember RSSI is setup as default with the taranis, and you can change the alarm/warning values to whatever you want but the defaults are good enough I think. Its on one of the pages in the model setup menu.

Warnings are cooked in. I think it’s 45 warning, 42 critical. i wouldn’t change them unless you are confident in what you’re doing. Don’t panic on “telemetry lost” either. just work on your antenna placement if it happens frequently.

Close quarters "swamping’ is something else.

If you are using OpenTx 2.1 or higher you need to “discover sensors” on the telemetry page. That’s the only thing not automatic.

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I have really old taranis version, i got it from a mate and i think the usb is busted so im strugglling to upgrade it

You could try updating via SD card as long as your opentx version is not too old (can’t recall what version they Addis support for this). Maybe it’s v2.09 and above?

yea my version is 1.xx, its really old, he sold it cos he couldn’t upgrade to eu lbt, so im using international receivers that work on D16 mode

cant you just update it by using companiontx?

no the usb needs to work for that lol

I get this warning all the time. I just laugh in the face at rssi critical!

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Taranis will not give you signal strength warnings without your setting it up. It’s up to you to decide what levels you consider as low and critical. Same for battery level warnings.

Taranis will however make you a cup of tea if you want… ie you can make it do just about anything you want. The penalty for this versatility is the level of complexity. That is compounded if you cannot get a USB connection and program it on the PC. Although comprehensive, the documentation in OpenTx University in my experience was not always enough to explain in full.

If you are prepared to buckle down and do a lot of reading you will be rewarded. After more than a year I still need to refer to documentation quite often, and there is often more than one way to do anything.

After a while doing things like setting warning levels looks easy. I would not want to take your hand and walk you through it. Going to OpenTx documentation + the manual should explain better than I can.Be persistent.

Are you sure you cannot get a USB connection. There are a lot of “help me” articles out there as the bootstrap setup is rather confusing, and does give people headaches.

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Haha so true, and can agree that taranis is abit overwhelming at the start, especially if you are new to the radio control hobby. But it is incredibly customisable and powerful if you take the time to figure it all out (like most things in the multirotor hobby) :smile: