Taranis SWR showing 0?

Good afternoon gents.
Why my radio doesn’t show SWR at all and rssi value jumps so much between 75 - 90 dbi ??
Radio did all that with firmware firmament it came with and after update to the newest one still the same ??!!
Is that a fault somewhere ??!!
The green light comes only for few seconds when radio is booting/powering up and right after is loaded properly it changes to blue.


​Having no SWR is a good thing and shows your radio is working well.

​SWR stands for “Standing Wave Ratio”. In a perfect world (and a perfect antenna) all power will be radiated. An antenna is a system and is compiled of may things. When you get you hand close. or on, the antenna you are part of the system. You then ‘de-tune’ the system, creating a less than perfect radio radiator and it creates standing waves.

The standing waves are basically wasted power. And if that power (SWR) gets really high is can damage the transmitter. Fortunately we are working with very low power so I shouldn’t damage the transmitter.

​The RSSI jumping could be because you are indoors and the signal is bouncing off the walls and causing multipath errors.

Also I forgot to mention that SWR is not available on the Taranis QX7, although its part of the openTX firmware only the Taranis X9D has this functionality, so that is why you still see all the menu options for it.