TBS Crossfire telemtry problem

Hi all,

I have just fitted a TBS Crossfire Micro TX to my transmitter taranis x9dplus, and a TBS Crossfire nano RX to my quad,with a Matek f405 CTR AIO FC.

Before fitting this Rx to my quad i use to get the following telemtry with a R-XSR RX which i have now lost,


I have searched for new telemtry and lots of new sensors are showing but none of the above. Have i not configured something correctly, or are these sensors now obselete when using crossfire?

Am i right in saying that Rxbat is now VFAS?

Its my first time using crossfire so please be gentle, once again thanks in advance for any advise provided.


I went through the same when I changed to CSFR
It broke all my telemetry warnings on my X9D

Try deleting all of the discovered sensors and then do a scan again

I did find that some sensors change names and some disappear completely.

I tried doing a google for a list of sensors but didn’t come up with anything.


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Hi mate,

Thanks for your help its appreciated, i ve noticed that some of the sensors are still visible in my OSD, just not on my Taranis screen when i searched for them.


I wonder if that’s cause the sensors are still there and as such BF and still read them and display them on the OSD.

But CSFR doesn’t send them to the transmitter