Binding r xsr with Taranis qx7

Hi i have recently purchased an Armattan Japalura pre built and set up and tested by them. It comes with a frsky r xsr reciever and i have Taranis q x7 radio. I’ve flashed the reciever to eu and binded them together. There is a green solid light on recieved but It won’t show in the reciever tab in betaflight. When i plug in a lipo i hear 3 short beeps after the usual beeps. Am i missing something simple?

Can you show us a picture of how you connected the r xsr.

Its either connected wrong or you need to select it in BF

Thanks for responding. I didn’t set it up. It came with the reciever installed. Will this picture help at all.

Also they told me they tested it and i have no reason to doubt them so thats why i am thinking it must be something simple that im missing.

Check these settings… the uart number wont be right.

No changes yet. The fc is flashing is that anything to go on? Solid red and flashing green. Its a cl racing f4s aio

is the Rx tab within BF on your computer showing any stick movement?

No nothing happens at all in the reciever tab in betaflight

you may have to try trial and error on the UARTs.

If BF isn’t seen you RX then there is a connection problem there.
Your Rx showing a green light shows your connected to your transmitter.

Thanks for the help so far. Im calling it a night for now

Ive tried severalvariations with no joy. Is there a typical bf setup that’ll work with my paticular fc /rx

I’ve had dig through the manual try this…

Set Rx Serial on UART1 and then save and reboot

Then configure the RX on the configuration tab as same as the image below and save and reboot.

According to your manual that should do it


I really hope so. I’ll try this as soon as I’m back home. Thank you

Check you connections as well

I would also try and push that connector in a little more as well if you can…

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That was the one thank you so much for helping me get that working. Its all set up and ready to go.
Thank you ((::

Not a problem… happy flying

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Just been flying. Its amazing. Thanks again

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