Frsky r-xsr binding issue

I can not get my reciver to bind up, i flashed it to the latest firmware (access rxsr 2.1.0) with my taranis q x7 access (on version 2.3.9-otx). When i plug in the rxsr onto my fc and try to bind i get a green and red solid light. This is my first build as well.

Do you have same protocol version on both? ACCESS or ACCST?

I do not know what that is.

How old is your QX7? Here are 2 different models Taranis Q X7 ACCESS - FrSky - Lets you set the limits or Taranis Q X7 - FrSky - Lets you set the limits , check in the lower right corner of LCD plastic protector what it says there, it’s either ACCESS or ACCST


oh it is the Taranis access

Did you download access firmware for r-xsr ?

is that not the manual download? or the one i have to get?

sorry wrong paste, here is access firmware

Oh yes i did download the latest one and flashed it as well

Also you will need to have same version firmware in integrated radio module on qx7

Yes i also did that as well.

How did you register rx?

Register? uh i did not do that

different tx but same opentx and procedure, you need to go into model, find register, press that and then before powering on rxsr, press button on it and power it on. when red light stops flashing (i think… ) it’s bound. then just exit register/bind mode on qx7 and power cycle quad/receiver.

I dont see a register option on my model

Even if you scroll all the way down? Do you have bind button? Did you select correct protocol in the menu above that - if you check video. I can’t really help with qx7 access since i don’t own one, but i assume opentx should have the same menus as on other access transmitters.

i will double check but with the video and i do have a bind button

I mean bind menu option on tx … that is accst mode … access has register, since you can register up to 3 rx’s on same model.

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oh yea i have that ima try it

question so do i not plug in the rx into my radio to register?