Help me binding an 4ch x4r reveiver to my Q X7

Plss help me!
I just got myself a frsky taranis Q X7 with a x4r receiver. I did everything go change it to lbt firmware:

  • changed the open tx firmware through companion
  • flashed lbt firmware to internal xjt module
  • flashed my x4r receiver via s-port

But it won’t bind!!
I have the 4 ch receiver NOT the 3-16 ch receiver
I selected 1 to 16 ch in the settings menu. Hit bind and turn the x4r on in binding mode. The red led won’t start flashing…

I am affraid the internal module is broken but I hope it is a problem with the Rx since it is cheaper to replace. Any ideas what it could be and what I can do about it?

When you flashed openTX firmware, are you sure you selected the EU option?

Similarly when flashing firmware onto the X4R receiver, are you sure it was EU LBT firmware aswell?

Another check is to quickly flash international firmware onto your internal XJt module and try bind again as maybe the X4R already has international firmware on it (as that is abit easier than reflashing the X4R module to check)

Thank you very much for your answer but I think I did that. Here you can
see my settings profile that I used. You can also see the two firmwares
that I used on my x4r and the internal module. I used the last file in that
folder for my internal module and the first one for my x4r. Both lbt, right?

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I think it might help if you can make a quick video showing how you are binding your taranis as if you are using all the above is should work so I am abit confused? Are you holding in the bind button before applying power to your receiver?