Fr-sky R-XSR binding issue :(

I’m finishing my first FPV build and I’m stuck in a very frustrating issue :frowning: I have the Mamba F722 Mk2 and the RadioMaster TX16S. I have bought the Fr-sky R-XSR receiver and the TX at my local store (North America) hoping I would get this drone up in the Air before snowfall… Now my issue is that my receiver when I try to bind it will literally be solid GREEN, RED and BLUE and no successful bind. If someone can help me solve this issue I would really appreciate it!

Thank you!

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Dont have TX16 but most likely firmware issue, check this out will save a lot of questions back and forth.

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Thank you for the suggestion, I have updated the firmware on both the TX and RX and I still no luck :frowning:

Thank you so much for sending me that reddit link! they had the solution there (Fr-skyX2 - instead of Fr-sky in the Tx) Thank you so much! NOW I CAN FLY MY BUILD!!

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I’m having the same issue but i have the Frsky X9 Lite transmitter with the iFlight F7 FC and the iFlight latest 4 in 1 esc. My X9 Lite trans. and the R-XSR bot came with a sticker saying that they have the latest ACCES firmware installed but i have it wired the way iFlight suggest to wire it so telemetry works, etc. I have watch so many JB and Drone Mesh videos on binding these two things but no luck. I’m so frustrated, all i need to fly the quad. All three lights on and it just never binds.:rage::rage: If you find the solution, please post. I really dont want to mess with the firmwares unless its the final solution.

:scream::scream:Oops, i didnt scroll down and noticed you fixed the issue. gonna check it out.

Anyone has these issues with the FRSky X9 Lite TX?