Frysky X8R binding issue

I tried to bind the Frysky X8R receiver with the Radiomaster TX16S transmitter.
only solid red and green led in bind mode and when i disconnect the power and connect it to the power, Red led blinks.

Kindly provide with the assistance to resolve this.

Firstly, the LED light show you’re witnessing is more than just a pretty pattern; it’s telling you what’s going wrong. Solid red and green LEDs in bind mode indicate that the receiver is ready to bind, but if the red LED starts blinking after you power cycle, it’s a classic case of the receiver saying, “I’m ready to mingle, but I can’t find anyone who matches my vibe.”

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get them harmonizing:

  1. Firmware Compatibility: Ensure that both the receiver and the transmitter are running on compatible firmware versions. Mismatched firmware can lead to communication issues, much like trying to converse in different languages. This is almost certainly the cause of the issue as tx16s is only compatible to accst firmware before v2.

  2. Correct Bind Procedure: Follow the binding procedure meticulously:

    • Power off both the transmitter and the receiver.
    • Put the transmitter into bind mode. For the Radiomaster TX16S, navigate through the menu to find the bind option.
    • While holding the bind button on the X8R, power it up. Release the button after a few seconds. You should see the solid red and green LEDs.
    • Wait for the transmitter to find the receiver and establish a connection. This might take a few moments, so patience is a virtue here.
  3. Distance Matters: Ensure the receiver and the transmitter aren’t too close or too far from each other during the binding process. Too close can cause signal overload, and too far can result in weak signal detection. A sweet spot is typically around 1-2 meters apart.

  4. Check Your Antennas: Ensure the antennas on the receiver are properly attached and not damaged. A faulty antenna can lead to poor signal reception, akin to trying to catch a whisper in a hurricane.

  5. Power Supply: Verify that the receiver is getting a stable and adequate power supply during the binding process. Fluctuations or insufficient power can lead to binding failures.

If after all this, the receiver still gives you the cold shoulder, consider checking if there’s a specific binding mode that needs to be selected for the X8R on your TX16S, as some transmitters have multiple modes to accommodate different types of receivers.