FrSky R-XSR Ultra SBUS/CPPM D16 16CH


I cannot bind the transmitter Taranis X9D and FrSky R-XSR receiver. I use flight controller board Matek sys F405-STD.
I connect G, 4V5 and Sbus. What is wrong?

Have a watch of this video and let us know how you get on

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I did it this way, but does not work. The RC radio is EU version and I think that I have to flash the receiver for EU through the taranis X9D plus. Which flash version should I use?


How can I do it? Should I first take out the SD card, load this file, put it back and flash it…What is the right wiring on the back of the Taranis(five connectors under the case, smartport, gnd, power)?

I flashed the receiver with this file R-XSR_LBT through the radio Taranis X9D plus. It was successful, but still i cannot bind it?Its still red light flashing…

You say the radio is EU and flashed receiver with LTB. they both need the same firmware on.
radio should be 2.2 if memory serves right.
Also make sure you are in D16 mode when binding on the internal RF.
also look on R-xsr download page there is a bug fix only 3 weeks old to fix any binding problems

Is the blue light on the receiver. If not hold the button down for a few seconds. You might have to unplug battery and hold button then plug battery and continue to hold button until you get back to blue light.