Cant bind R-XSR


I am using FC MATEK405-STD and receiver R-XSR. I connect GND, 5V and SBUS(on the FC and SBUS out/CPPM on the receiver) I cant bind it?Any help?

are you sure you are connecting the 4th wire from the receiver to SBUS on FC?

ok connecting your RX to your FC is different than “binding” it

Binding is RX to TX and I’m 90% sure you can bind a RX to a TX without a FC…

So my questions are…
Can Betaflight see the RX ?
Can you take a picture of the wiring?

Also what TX do you have and how are you trying to bind it?

probably would have been better if i had read the posy correctly

@ares What LED’s do you see on your RX? As usualy when you cant bind to your radio and RX 99% of the time is because both units do not have the same firmware on them… as maybe your Frsky radio has ACCESS firmware, or LBT firmware and your RX has FCC firmware?

Just make sure they all use the same firmware and it should work.