Need help Binding a Frsky R9 receiver with a Taranis X9D+ Transmitter and a R9M module

I’m trying to bind a Frsky R9 receiver to a Taranis X9D+ transmitter that has a R9m module attached. I’ve flashed the R9 with the latest firmware. When I try to bind the receiver. I set the transmitter to bind then I hold the bind button on the receiver then I add power to the receiver. The green light comes on momentarily along with the red, then the green goes out and red stays solid. Nothing else happens. I do have another R9 receiver and I have have successfully been able to bind, but I can’t get this extra one to bind on a new model. Also is there anyway to tell what firmware is installed on the receiver?

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I personally find it easier to first boot up the receiver in bind mode… and then put teh radio into bind mode as then it is easier to see what the receiver is doing by the LED’s.

There is no way to tell what firmware is on a receiver other than checking with teh place you purchased it from. But when binding if you get a solid green and solid red LED then it is likely a firmware mismatch.

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Thanks for the response, but it’s no help. Again when ever I turn on the receiver I only get a solid red light it’s not flashing and no green light.

I finally figured it out, it was a firmware mismatch. I apparently downloaded the wrong “Latest firmware” for my receiver. I was thinking the receiver needed to match the transmitter firmware. But i forgot it needed to match the firmware on the R9M module. Once I matcbed those two it worked. And it didn’t matter which I turned on first. So at this point if you only get a solid red light on your receiver, you’ve loaded the wrong firmare.

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