R9mm not binding!

Hello guys!
Here I am again with another problem!
So, 3-4 months ago, I upgraded my transmitter to an taranis X9D Plus that came with the R9M module (but came with a X8R reciever duuh). So following that I got myself a r9mm reciever, so I could enjoy the benefits of the long range fly. I am flying a eachine x220s with upgraded fpv camera, upgraded vtx, and one of the motor needed to be re-routed because a crash I had.
I configured it, everything was working, I was getting used to my transmitter, but like after 1 month of usage, I noticed drone lost Rx connection after siting on the ground unarmed (for example while I was setting telemetry parameters and whatnot). To fix this I just plugged and unplugged few times the drone, wait for a bit… and then connected to the reciever.
So last week happened that out of the blue, just wouldnt connect anymore receiver and transmitter. When I plug the lipo, I can hear all the normal esc beeps, but is not connecting to the receiver.
I tried to bind again the receiver, but doesn’t work. If I start the receiver in binding mode, wont bind to the transmitter. Instead the receiver is showing constantly red solid led.
Transmitter receiver and module were update to the last firmware, and I got them to work properly before.

Anyone has any idea of what could be happening?

Yeah your issue is your using a R9 system.

Everyone I know that used R9 had issues of some sort…
One guy was getting telemetry readings on his Tx and his quad wasn’t even powered up???

R9 has a really bad track record I’m afraid…
Either switch to a FrSky R-XSR Micro or Crossfire.

Check that the ipex connector has not come of the reciever as they are very delicate and break very easily, try a new T antenna on the reciever, and make sure when powered up and your trying to bind the radio is only on 10mw and it’s at least 10ft away from the reciever as being to close the power from the radio can damage the reciever and also swamp the signal with to much power preventing binding and giving lost telemetry.