GT200 and Taranis lost coms

Hi guys
So I was modifying some settings on Betaflight and MWOSD and went out in the field and now cannot arm the quad. Looking at BF there’s no communication with my TX or the quad? Last time I had to reset everything in BF to get it all running again.

One other thing in my OSD in the center of my googles, I have 0 1 2 3. What’s this?

Any ideas?

Maybe in the process of saving the settings the EEPROM got corrupted, so likely that your receiver settings on the FC are many not set correctly anymore? So worth checking that first… as for the OSD could you send a photo of what you mean?

Also what version of betaflight are you running?

Morning. Sorry for lack of info.
I’ve gone through everything in BF 3.22 and MW. Changed all connections ie sbus etc, nothing. Now on MW I reset my osd which is not end of the world.

I’ve got a feeling that I’m going to have to flash BF and set up again.
I’ve flashed the board and when I select receiver and select SPEKSAT, SUB etc and select spectrum 1024 and save it goes back to select receiver. Arghhh!

Flashed the FC and gone through the whole set up. Got it working but idle is way to fast…
Just got to sort OSD on MWOSD

whatever you did probably moved the minimum throttle command lower than the minimum stick command and it will not arm. That or your minimum throttle does not match your esc minimums. That would also account for the high revs at idle.

Try calibrating your ESC’s first, then re flash bet flight and start fresh. Make sure your minimum throttle, minimum stick and minimum esc arm are all adjusted property. Make sure the ESC’s all have the same firmware too. You can buy four littlebee esc’s from the same place at the same time but that does not mean they will all have the same firmware.

Minimum throttle command needs to be higher than the minimum stick command or the FC will think the throttle on the transmitter is not at bottom and will not arm the quad.

Morning. Did all of this and flashed the board. I noticed that the connection ends on the antenna on my x4r are not seating properly, hence the arming issue. I lost it in the trees the other day. Got new x4r coming but as for the arming thing… Tried all that. Thanks anyway.

I have the x4r on three of my quads. Have had little problems with any of them. I use a PPM connection on all three. The easiest way to check if it is a FC problem or receiver problem is test the motors in Betaflight/cleanflight/raceflight, which ever you use. If they spin up, it is probably not the FC.

I run the antenna’s down the inside edge of the front arms on a strip of electrical tape underneath, leaving the bare exposed part of the antenna hanging down under the motors. The props pretty much make sure they are blown away from the frame when they are spinning.

I used to use tubes and run them out the top for reception. After numerous tube replacements and a couple ripped off antennas, I made a new plan.

The only problem I have had with an x4r was a firmware upgrade needed on one of them since then. It would be hard to bind and then would unbind apparently for no reason at all. Firmware upgrade fixed it. Was probably sitting on a shelf somewhere for a very long time. Pretty solid units. Good luck.

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Hi. I’ve just ordered a new x4r. I believe it’s the antenna mount that’s broken. Just got to de pin and resolder the 3 cables. As for antennas I have tubes on the rear part of the quad to avoid the chewing of antenna. Thank you for your help. Jay