Drone issues can't get it responding correctly to transmitter

Hey all, I’m new to fpv drones and really want to get mine in the air and flying
I’ve got
Taranis x9d plus opentx 2.3.9

Mateksys f405-ctr. Latest firmware
Turnigy multistatr 30A V3 ESC
RCX RS2206 2400kv brushless motor

I’m using betalight 4.2.2

I bought the quad second hand, old, but working perfectly when the seller demonstrated, said he had it setup great which he did so I bought it
After practicing in the Sim and ready for real, I took it out and crashed the quad on 1st take off breaking a prop, then had the bright idea to update all the old FW and learn because I had it all connected up and props off
Big mistake haha

So I ended up bricking the taranis for a day Tryna get it updated, managed to do it and flashed the new firmware to the mateksys on betalight
Followed some tuts on getting it setup by Josh Bardwell
Done it and seems to be good on in betaflight (everything working…)

The motors spin nice and all even when controlled by betalight but when I use the frsky it sends power all over the place, Im pretty sure it’s something to do with the accelerometer communication, if calibrated it and all but it seems to be compesating for nothing, looked online but I’m not sure how to go about fixing it.
Any help is appreciated
Thank you!

What do you mean with that? :smiley:
I assume the motors do not spin accordingly to the radio?
When connected to betaflight with the receiver and radio on, does betaflight show the stick movement as it should?
Meaning when moving Throttle, the throttle tab moves with similar values etc.

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so you can arm but the quad goes wild! if this is the case plug back into betaflight and make sure the quadcopter on screen moves in the same way as you move around.

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Yep, everything in betaflight responds as it should
Motors all accelerate in uniform with the master slider
But when using the controller it sends power everywhere (heaps to motors 1 and 4, moving the drone around affects which motors send power
Also, the once I push the throttle high enough it won’t decelerate or stop the motors

I have the transmitter values all set and they seems to be working normally, 1000 being lowest and 2000 bring highest inputs

disconnecting from betaflight to try to fly it, the quad flips, (as if it were in turtle mode or something)

The little 3D model does what I tell it to do with the controller

Check if the orientation of your FC is right.

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assume what luca said is correct from your other replay 100% motors spin correct way and props on correct!

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Thank you! that was one of the problems
It seems to be responding better and the 3d model aligns to the drones actual movement which I didn’t check before. Now after adjusting the yaw -90°
But the the controller still sends a bias to motors 1 and 3 aswell as boosting them to full very quickly without being able to then lower power
Soon after motor 4 creeps up
Is this still a flight controller alignment issue?
Also the heading shifts degrees every second

Can you send us a screenshot of the Receiver tab please?
Also try again to calibrate the accelerometer.

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now i always try to help, and in my first replay to you i asked if the 3d model on screen matches your movments, your reply was yes. yet when luca asked if orientation was correct you r reply would seem that it wasnt.
A little rant but when we are trying to help if you dont understand the question ask. saying yep its ok is of no use to either of us.


No, I meant in relation to the receiver tab, I didn’t know the setup tab was affected my apologies
Your help is much appreciated

Calibrated again

When plugging in the Battery (take your props of) and moving the sticks on your radio.
Do the bars move accordingly?

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controls the 3D model correctly aswell

Then it should work? :smile:
Try to make a testflight.
A video of that would be helpful for us

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“sorry, new users can not upload attachments”
I’ve got footage


Hopefully that works


I have upgraded your User rank.
You should be able to upload footage in the future now

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Thanks for the videos.
Are you using stock PIDs and Rates?

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