XSR loosing signal between flight


I update the receiver XSR firmware to EU through the X9D taranis radio. I am using SBUS channel and when I am flying in some cases loosing signal and than it works(in other case it will drop). I try to change the wires, but the same problem. But otherwise I fly normally in different modes.

Is your receiver covered with some type of shrink tubing or electrical tape and are you sure that it’s covered all the way and where is it mounted?
Be sure that the shrink tubing has not moved some and it’s basically shorting out the receiver maybe on a VTX the frame or whatever it could be touching that’s what happened with mine.

I had another issue with it but it was the plug the actual micro like white plug that plugs into the receiver. It was just coming out I put a dab of hot glue on it in acro when I was doing flips and rolls.

It’s probably the 5v feed the reciever is getting is fading if it’s on your flight controller the 5v reg could be failing or depending what other devices you have on the 5v rail could be overloading it , try a 5v bec straight from the battery to rule out the problem or and stick a meter on the 5v on the reciever and run it and see if you get a voltage drop other than that change the reciever.

Thanks for this John - I’ve been having exactly the same problem with my FC board and the XSR. Will try your advice. :slight_smile: